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MACH, a non profit organization and HUD registered Continuum of Care (CoC), is designed to provide a community solution to homelessness. We work collaboratively to reduce the time that people spend in a homeless situation while promoting self sufficiency and independence for the people we serve. 

Since 1994 MACH has existed to serve individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness and to aid those who are at risk of becoming homeless. MACH seeks to increase collaboration between all citizens of our region to help those who are most in need.

Membership allows you and/or your organization to benefit from a 14 county network of service providers, business leaders, community members, faith based organizations, state agencies, to reduce homelessness and promote change collaboratively. 

     New 2-1-1 Flyer ready for use

Although providers, homeless advocates, ER personnel, and outreach workers are always searching for more options to help the individuals and families they serve, it is virtually impossible to know every single resource in a service area.

​This flyer will help direct people in need to an efficient, multilingual resource that will facilitate vital connections to appropriate services based on the consumer's needs. See below... 


2014 regional profile of homelessness 


MACH represents 14 Counties across the Midlands of South Carolina.
We advocate for issues and initiatives that will help end homelessness. We seek to not only connect others as a collaborative network of individuals and organizations, but most importantly, we empower our clients to advocate for themselves and facilitate positive change.  

United Way of the Midlands Released a Profile of Homelessness in partnership with MACH. Click the logo to explore a new way of thinking about this issue.

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Due to the NWS prediction of temperatures above 40 degrees for Saturday, 11/22/2014 Columbia’s Inclement Weather Center at 191 Calhoun Street will be closed.

Please check back tomorrow for operation updates.

Contact 2-1-1 for other housing and shelter options.

When the Center is open:
To volunteer to serve meals or donate food, contact Jennifer Lambert with Salvation Army at Jennifer.lambert@uss.salvationarmy.org or 803.233.9969.

To volunteer in other capacities, contact John Dawkins with Transitions atjdawkins@transitionssc.org or 803.724.1089.